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Mission in Tanzania, Pioneer Bible Translators...

The Harvey Family...

Brad and Tammie Harvey have been on the mission field since the early 1990s.  They have three children, Bradley Jr., Morrie, and their adopted Tanzanian son, Yuda.  They are currently in Kenya, after working for over 15 years in Tanzania. 
     Tammie‚Äôs field is anthropology.  She is currently enrolled in school in Nairobi, taking more anthropology classes and accepting part-time consulting work, besides being a full-time mother and wife.  She recently organized the All Africa Missionary Conference (AAMC) a huge task and great encouragement to all missionaries in attendance.   
Brad is a well trained, field-experienced linguist.  Brad conceived and initiated a relatively new concept that has come to be known as the "Cluster Approach" to in-the-field work of scripture translation.  Using this approach, simultaneous translation works are proceeding on up to 10 languages, without any sacrifice in quality!  This greatly increases productivity by reducing both the necessary time and resources expended in producing each language.

Currently, in addition to his duties as translator Brad has been accepted as a PhD candidate in the Graduate School of Humanities of Lieden University (Holland).  This type of research PhD requires minimal time at the University.  The research he's doing is what that must be done anyway for the current translation project he's on and obtaining a PhD becomes a part of the training process as a Bible Translation Consultant.  As more nationals are trained to do more on their own work in Bible translation, we are having a bottle neck in the final consultant checking process world-wide; more Bible Translation consultants are desperately needed for all of the Bible Translation organizations to meet their goals.

The Kamanya Family...

Edson and Rose Kamanya have three children, Jedi, Joshua and Neema.

Edson is the Director of the Scripture Impact Department of the EAB.In this capacity, he makes regular trips into the villages and meets with the local leaders of the villages, church leaders and the general population as well.

Edson is a Tanzanian national and has been working and training under Brad and Tammie from the beginning of their work in the Morogoro area.He is a very dedicated Christian worker who loves  God's Word and the people of his nation Tanzania. This is an excellent combination for the projects carried out through Scripture Use.

Edson has become a well known, highly respected and loved figure among the people of the mountain villages.I personally witnessed this while traveling with him.

Lake Tanganyika, Mountain Best...To help support their family, Edson and Rose also run a small business of selecting, roasting, grinding, packaging and selling and excellent private label coffee.No kidding, it is an excellent blend and is available in whole bean or drip grind.

June and I try to keep enough extra on hand for those interested. If you'd like to give his coffee a try, just contact us... give us your email address and just type "Edson's coffee" in the space provided.  We'll respond with more the information.

The Ingram Family Arrives...

The newest EAB Team members are the Ingrams.
     Andy and Shonna Ingram joined the team in June of 2008. Their four children, Gavin, Grayson, Garrett and Genna are with them.
     Andy is involved in the translation work and his official role is Assistant Director of Language Affairs.
     With his 10 years in church administration experience, Andy is administrator on the Scripture Use Team.
     Shonna supports the branch in the very important role of overseeing and arranging hospitality and logistics.
     A requirement of EAB is a time of village living.Andy and Shonna moved into a village (Braga) that has an orphanange.In the seven weeks they were there, they were touched deeply in caring for the children.

Translation progress underway...

In this picture, Brad is working with Raymond as he leads a translation team.
     It is a humbling experience to witness the translation process. Everyone involved is totally dedicated to producing the most accurate and understandable translation possible.They will labor over a single phrase until they are fully in agreement that it conveys the meaning of the original text and in terms clearly understandable.
     The positive impact computers have brought to bear on the process of translation is simply incalculable! Consider the speed and accuracy advantages, coupled with the added ability to carry so many volumes of additional translations, multiple commentaries, dictionaries and Thesaurus volumes and any other volumes deemed valuable to the translation process...all contained in a laptop that weighs only a few begin to get the picture.
Dr. Barry Funnell is from South Africa and works with The Word for the World Organuzation. For the last several years he has worked closely with Brad and Tammie Harvey at the East Africa Branch in Morogoro, Tanzania..
      Barry ran the Language Center and worked with the nationals organizing classes and recruiters for the Translation School there.                   Pictured here with wife, Julia, daughter, Lisa and sons, Timothy and Daniel.
     Dr. Funnell made a 1,000 mile trek by hand-cyle to raise money for translation projects with The Word for the World Bible translation projects.

                Contact Dr. Funnell Directly
Brad at work in one of his roles...
as construction supervisor during the construction of an a Training Center add-on to the Language Office.
      With this additional facility, the on-going training of nationals for their role in translation work can be greatly increased.
Rick Rhen was a God-send for Brad and the EAB Team.
      Rick, on a short-term mission with his wife Linn, stepped up at just the right time to oversee the vital foundation construction.

It was truly amazing to see how much Rick was able to accomplish in the 6 weeks they were there.
     His tireless persistance and expertice were just what was needed to get the job done!
     June and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Rick and Linn and quickly became good friends.

The Ingrams arrive...

The Ingrams arrive and hit the ground running! Here they are at the oprhanage in Braga.
Exegetical checking the Books of Mark and John. Raymond leads a Team of nationals from a local village community.