Images by Phil... and June

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories...

You've got to see this to believe it! They're always adding new features!

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories wonderful website allows you to view and download some of most amazing deep space photos and videos. Image quality produced by The Hubble Space Telescope and unmanned, deep space missions is impressive!.

Additional Study and Research Resources

The following set of links will connect you to some quality Resources I use regularly in personal study and also in preparation for classes, seminars or workshops.  While I am not specifically endorsing every concept and article you may find here, (always use your own research sense), I have found the materials in these resources to be consistently accurate and for the most part, well thought out.

A Very Good Way To Support Our Military!

Kim Komando, a nationally syndicated radio show host, has set up an impressive operation making it possible for anyone to help our precious troops serving in combat areas... I hope you'll be as impressed and inspired as I was when I first discovered it.