Images by Phil... and June
Our Red Dragon
We have a small fountain with a waterfall in our back yard in Austin, Texas...
A pair of Red Dragonflies have been using the pond for their larvae deposits, and this is repeating each season...

They are so very striking to watch as they dart around, flashing their bright red bodies, landing gracefully on the vine that covers the fence area behind the rock falls formation.  I never imagined they would allow me to get these close-up photos, but as you can see, they did!  This one seemed to get comfortable with my presence.  He even hung around till I got my tripod set up!  The structure of his wings and where they join the body... pretty amazing don't you think?  I was also able to shoot a bit of HD video!  Check it out below... I love this camera!

               My camera is an Olympus Pen E-PL1 and the M Zuiko 14mm-150mm f/4.0... How good is it?
You Tell Me.
I have since traded up to the Olympus OM-D series... wow.. happy photographer here!