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I'm Very Concerned for Austin...
I have been concerned for some time about several practices used by the City Council spending taxpayer money like there was no tomorrow.  The problem is... Tomorrow Will Come and the Bills Will Come Due!  Ask Detroit if you doubt it. Few Austinites realize how far in debt the City of Austin actually is...

As of the end of 2013, Austin's Bond Debt alone is over $8.6 Billion!..  If you add in unfunded liabilities such as retirement funding...  you get the picture.  Austin is already has the one of the highest property taxes in the state!  Don't let the "tax rate" fool you... you can be in a lower rate district and still pay out a lot more dollars in taxas than someone in a higher tax rate district.  How much you pay always based on your estimated "market value" of your property.

The way Bond Package elections are rigged should be a crime.  I'm currently checking with my state Representatives to discover how it became legal and why it is being allowed.

The problem is so extensive that I soon realized I'd need a seperate website devoted fully to such issues.  I have completed that website and it is now published.  Check it out!

                                                                                 You'll find it at:  Stay Informed Austin