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Climate Change... Is it a real threat?
The more I research this issue, the more skeptical I become.  Keeping an open mind to both views, then researching what is presented as "facts" is an exhausting process.  Below are a couple of PDF documents that I have researched, found to be credible and encourage everyone to read before you make up your mind. 

Before I started researching this issue, like most people I had just assumed that all "scientist" were honest, objective and would only present the unvarnished truth.  However, when I began to "follow the money," I discovered many of the research grants are awarded to those who are previously outspoken supporters of "man-made" global climate change.  Although it is disturbing to discover how just how money can skew the results of research, (often by fudging on the data collected), it's good to know that we need to maintain a healthy skepticism at least until we know the funding source.
You will need Adobe Reader (it's free) to open these PDF files. I've supplied this button to the Adobe Reader download site. Watch for the check box to add the Antivirus programs and such to your download. If you don't want it, be sure un-check the box.
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