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Careful, sincere reasoning combined with an honest-to-the-core seeking to know the truth, will lead one to conclude that there must be an intelligent Designer behind all this incredibly complex design in literally everything that has "Life."  

For anyone who can say from the heart, "I want to know the truth about the Creator regardless of how that knowledge may impact my life," an amazing spirit-to-Spirit awakening awaits.

The study of the Word of God should not be approached lightly or flippantly.  Although seeking to understand the things of God certainly engages our intellect, comprehending the truth is much more spiritual than intellectual.  

It's vital to remember, being spiritual comes from a sense of humility, therefore, arrogance in the face of our Creator will short-circuit any effort to engage our Creator's attention. 

Careful, sincere study and the God-given use of logic will lead to the conclusion that the book known worldwide as The Holy Bible, is in fact the written Word of the Living God, who is the Creator of all that exists, both visible and invisible.  It is our Creator's Holy Word to all mankind, the crown of His creation.