Images by Phil... and June
Amazing Manta Ray...
This is a most amazing video presentation of one of the most graceful creatures on this earth.
The more you learn about Manta Rays the more amazing they seem.   Sit back and Enjoy!
This video is a production of Liquid MediaReally Well Done Guys!  All divers everywhere say, "Thank You"

Filmed during a Dive Safari on the Queen Scuba Live-aboard from Bali to Komodo with more than 20 Manta rays.
Manta Ray Alley offering an amazing experience to dive with these beautiful creatures, 
strong currents with Eagle Rays, White tip reef shark and turtles.

Depths of shots range from 32 m (104 ft) to the surface when they started feeding.
Music : Rewind by Tryad ~ Filmed by Alan Tansey