Images by Phil... and June
About Us
We are Phil and June Landrum, both born in 1940 in a small town in Kentucky.   We became sweethearts in the 9th grade.  Phil joined the U.S. Army immediately following H.S. graduation.   Following his 8 week Basic Training, Phil was granted a delay-in-route to his next duty station and we were married on September 6, 1958.
      In September of 2008, we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary and for our celebration party, we assembled a video that covered our 50+ years together.   When our family and friends saw the video, several strongly encouraged us to find a way to share our life adventures with others.
      As we were living the experiences, we really didn't think of it as being anything outside of the ordinary.  To us, we were simply pursuing the life that unfolded before us.
      Shortly after our 50th Anniversary, Phil came across, an Austin based web-site company that features an online, drag and drop system of Apps allowing an easy process to build   websites.    The Program was very user friendly and seemed like an excellent way to share the blessing of our life and our travel adventures with others.
      Through photos and video, we thoroughly enjoy sharing the amazing Adventures we've encountered during our travel experiences.