Images by Phil... and June
Best Whale Shark Video I've seen yet...
Although I wasn't present, nor did I shoot or edit this video, I've adding it to my website because anyone who dives much, would love to have such an amazing encounter... or at least SEE it.   So... green with envy, Here you go!

The Whale Shark is one of the most amazing creatures in the sea.   Although they are the largest fish in the sea, they are harmless to divers.  It is a true shark and not a whale, yet they are commonly called Whale Sharks because they grow to such whale-size proportions.  While there are credible reports of some in the 60 ft. range, the official record is 41 ft which is still easily within the whale size range.

They feed on wide variety of planktonic (near microscopic) and nektonic (some larger free-swimming) prey, such as small crustaceans, small schooling fishes, and occasionally smaller schooling tuna and squids.

                                           Really beautiful video guys!    Wish I'd been there with you to see it live.   Phil Landrum, Austin, TX