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Why Supply This Information?

In this Representative Republic, citizen participation is vital to our survival as a free nation! Participation that really matters, occurs primarily at the voting booth!


All too often, the better candidate loses, not because there weren't enough like-minded citizens to vote for them, but rather, because far too many of those like-minded citizens had not registered or even though registered, just didn't take the time to go to the polls and vote! This is also true in bond elections, local ordinances or whatever the particular issue(s) the election a particular may be about.
                              Travis County statistics clearly make this point.
Just look at the 2008 Elections--One of the most significant elections of our time!

2008 Primaries: Somehow 89.9% of eligible citizens managed to register to vote.
Yet of all those who registered, only 33.6% actually went to the polls and voted!

2008 General: One of the most historical elections in my voting lifetime managed
to inspire only 66.1% of REGISTERED VOTERS of Travis County enough to vote!

It's so easy to become so consumed by our day-to-day responsibilities
that it just doesn't register in our minds, just how vital this civic duty is to
 the preservation and success of our representative form of government!

Hundreds of thousands have made the ultimate sacrifice to secure and to defend the amazing power of "we the people."  We are able to peacefully reject (by vote) those whose have a desire is to rule over us rather than serve us!   To survive and thrive as a free people, we MUST take seriously the relatively small sacrifice of our time and energy and do whatever it takes to exercise the freedom they protected with their lives! The freedom to VOTE!