Images by Phil... and June
Motorcycle Tour West... 1985
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Our Motorcycle Adventure... 6,000 mile Tour West in 21 days!

In 1985, June and I, together with another couple of long time, close biker friends, Luke and Cherry Nall took a 6,000 + mile motorcycle tour of the West... and we did it in 21 days!

No, we did not camp... our idea of "roughing it" was having to put up with the occasional B&W TV at the only motel we could find at days end.  We did very little night travel!

That's not to say we didn't find ourselves in very uncomfortable situations on occasion.  In Wyoming we had some pretty high winds and hard driving rain storm (very thankful for our rain gear).  And once we were miserably cold, on a hard run to avoid a snow storm chasing us down the mountain from Yellowstone Nation Park!

But all in all, it was a really great trip to remember and we had a wonderful time!  That's why we put up this slide show.