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Our San Wild experience - 2011...
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While in South Africa on our last trip there (Nov. 2011), we visited the San Wild Wildlife Sanctuary. Although it is also in the Limpopo Province, it still took nearly four hours driving from Vaalwater (where we were) to get there. Our friend Whitney Miller had works at San Wild as a volunteer and had planned a return trip during the same time we would be in that region. Her enthusiastic reports of the work they do there persuaded us to make the effort for a visit and we are very glad we did.

San Wild takes in and cares for animals that are unable to survive in the wild. Usually they have been abandoned, injured or wounded in some way and are brought to them by game wardens, vets, or even from zoos or game farms.

They are nursed back to good health, fed and cared for until well enough to be returned to the wild (if possible). If they are unable to return to the wild, The San Wild property(several thousand acres) becomes their home. A safer environment, with plenty of room to grow and flourish.