Images by Phil... and June
SCUBA Diving the Grand Cayman Islands

A near vertical wall of coral awaits the more experienced divers.

The abundance of fish, caves, ledges and giant basket sponge, beckons the divers ever down into the deep blue abyss.

I must have said "wow" into my mouthpiece at least a dozen times. It's a photographers dream come true!

Diving the Cayman Islands from the live-aboard, Cayman Aggressor is truly an amazing experience...

These videos are but condensed versions of that experience.

Aboard the "Cayman Aggressor" we took a wonderful leisure dive in Stingray City.

It's certainly not difficult to figure where the name came from!


The caves at Eden Rocks off Grand Cayman Island, are truly amazing.

A labyrinth of interlocking rooms, in size from cathedral to closet they are easily accessable with many clearly visable exits, there's no fear of getting lost.

Light shafts penetrate darkness bathing divers in a soft glow.

Panama ...  1958-1961

The Pacific Red Snapper Phil shot (below) still holds the record as the biggest Red Snapper he's ever seen alive in the ocean..
This is the earlier SCUBA diving adventures of Phil, courtesy the US Army while stationed in Panama.
      This dive was in the Pearl Islands, in the Pacific, off the coast of Panama.  
      This video is also Phil's first filmmaking attempts of a digital transfer from 8mm Kodachrome (silent).  The still camera was a Yashica twin lens reflex (Rolleiflex was well above his paygrade)  : )

The Wall Dive... Off shore at Grand Cayman...

Diving Stingray City...

The Caves at Eden Rock, Grand Cayman...

The Early Years (1961) - Diving the Pearl Islands...