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More About Us...

We are both retired... Phil retired in May, 2006 following 28 years as a full-time Christian minister with an Independent Christian Church in Austin, Texas (see link blow). June retired in January, 2007 following 30 years with the Federal Government.

We remain very active in our church. Phil serves as an Elder in the congregation and June serves as the Missions Ministry Team Leader and works with the Children's Ministry in a support role. They take short-term missions trips whenever they can.

Personal note: We have such a blessed and joyful experience in these trips that we want to share the experiences as much as possible. This website seems like a good way to do that.

More Personal Information...

Phil and June were both born and raised in small, rural farming communities in Kentucky. We have known each other since the 7th grade and have been "sweehearts" from the 9th grade.  I joined the US Army on graduating High School (1958). A few months later we were married when I returned home on a short leave following my first 8 weeks Basic Training. I was able to take June with me to advanced training (Combat Engineers) at Ft. Leonardwood Missouri.

Our overseas duty station was in the Panama Canal Zone at the US Army Base at Ft. Kobbe. This was our first long-term separation from family... and our first exposure to life outside the United States. My rank was such that we didn't qualify for on-base housing, so we rented a duplex in the Republic of Panama, well outside the security of the military base. But for us, that was quite an exciting adventure.

Both our children were born in the Canal Zone at Gorgas hospital, in Ancon. We had to grow up rather quickly through these experiences. On the plus side, we lost any fear we had of going into unfamaliar territory. Military life had it's drawbacks, but on the whole, it was a very positive experience for us both and has had a powerful impact on our view of life.

Our jobs and places of residence have been quite varied. Not too long after my discharge from the Army in 1961, we moved to the Florida Keys. For about three years, I worked as First Mate on a SCUBA Diving Boat out of Marathon. Eventually we moved to Key West, following work. From there it was Tampa, then to Houston, then Austin in 1970 (where we still reside). For the next 8+ years I was co-owner and corporate President of the largest (at the time) Camera Specialty store in Austin, Texas. In 1976 through a life crisis, I had a very profound, life changing encounter with the Creator. Two years later, I found myself drawn into full-time ministry in an independent Christian church in Austin.

Early Love of Photography
I have been connected to photography either as a serious hobby or professionally for most of my adult life... that includes still and movie photography. Since camcorders and digital video editing has entered the scene, video (shooting and editing) has become a passion also. I have always loved to combine photography with every aspect of life, family, business, ministry hobbiea and of course, our travels.

Our Love of Travel...

Our love of travel adventures began with our military service, but developed more fully during our years of full-time ministry experience which began in 1978. While in Panama, Phil had his first open ocean SCUBA diving experience in the crystal blue water of the Pearl Islands. He was hooked for life.

In 1985 we took a 6,000 mile motorcycle tour, (Tour West) with close friends, Luke and Cherry Nall. We visited the Royal Gorge, Crater Lake, Yellowstone Park, Jackson Hole, then down the Oregon coast stopping at Hoover Dam, Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyons, and on into California and several other notable locations.

Our first trip to Africa was to Egypt in 1994, we have been very fortunate and truly blessed to have been able to travel extensively. While there, we also traveled to Sharm-el-Sheikh and went SCUBA diving in the Red Sea!

In 1997 we spent a month in South Africa, 2 weeks with a missionary family, 3 days in Kruger Game Reserve and then a week in Zimbabwe at Chidimoyo Mission Hospital in the bush, Manna Pools Game Reserve, 3 days at Victoria Falls and finally Cape Town.

In 1998 I spent a wonderful week of SCUBA diving with friends and family aboard a 130 ft. live-aboard diving boat in the beautiful waters of the Grand Cayman Islands. June and I have been ardent SCUBA divers and lived in the Florida Keys for several years during the 60's.

In 2000, again visiting missionary friends, we made a trip which included Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco and France, including Normandy (very emotional experiences) and our first time in Paris.

In 2001, June and I made a 1000 ft. dive aboard the research mini-sub Atlantis off the coast of the Grand Cayman Islands.

In 2003 we made a 2 week journey through the great state of Alaska (which seemed like foreign soil (except everybody we mest spoke English). Glaciers, scenery and wildlife... awesome!

In 2004 we made a month-long, short-term mission trip to Tanzania East Africa. This was a working visit to do a house re-construction for a missionary family there with Pioneer Bible Translators. During the last two weeks we also managed visits to Mt. Kilimonjaro, Serengeti Plains and Zanzibar.

2007 was a really busy year... In April we spent one month in South Africa working with Stu and Marilyn Cook, Zimbabwe and Paris (on the return leg). Shortly after our return, June spent 9 days in Mexico traveling with our daughter-in-law and some family members. They all visited a mission children's home in San Luis Potsi. Then in September and October, a 38 day trip through Turkey, Greece and Italy.

2008 found us back in Tanzania on a 3 ½ month working tour (mid March to the end of June).
For more details about Phil's mission involvement take a look at the Village Visits page.

During one of my village trips, June, Rick and Linn took a very interesting... "Trek up the mountain."

Just before we returned to the U.S., we visited another mission of Pioneer Bible Translators. A wonderful outreach mission to the street children in Dodoma called Safina House.

On our return to Austin we started preparations for our 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration which took place on our Anniversary (September 6th).  50 years of marriage is something to celebrate big time!  So, following the Celebration I took my sweetheart for life to Paris (that's Paris France... not Paris Texas).  The week there included a very romantic dinner cruise on the Sein River complete with violins and beautiful song.

2009 Our plan for this years is to spend more time with family and friends at home. O.K... maybe not the entire year... We did take a Caribbean Cruise in mid November.

2010 Really big year!  We took a 38 day excursion into Mainland China... this was truly, an absolutely amazing Trip!

2011  A return once again to South Africa...  This place gets in your blood I think...

2013  A great tour of the amazing state of Utah!  The Arches and Canyonlands National Parks were full of surprisingly beautiful vistas.