Images by Phil... and June
Mission to Mexico-2008...
When we first arrived, some work was already completed... the foundation was poured with plumbing set, all exterior wall studs were up and most of the interior studs also.

June and I were amazed at how much our crew was able to accomplish in just 5 days. We fabricated and assembled 21 roof trusses, install them, decked the roof with pluwood and also the exterior walls, tar papered it all, and added the fasher board with metal drip edge to the roof. Then we installed the roofing shingles and set the windows and doors, installed all wall and ceiling electrical boxes, pulled all the house wiring and finally added all wall and ceiling fiberglass insulation batting. It was a real blessing to work with these guys... no slackers here--everyone worked hard every day... We're going back this June (2009).
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Our Mission to Mexico-2008 was with a construction crew for our church to Peidras Negras for a construction project for Colegio Biblico.

Colegio Biblico is a Bible College dedicated to preparing Christian workers for the Spanish-speaking world. Our church (Southwest Christian-Austin, Texas) has been a surpporter of this mission for many years and our members really enjoy opportunities like this to support them on the field.

A crew also went down in 2006 and worked on their Multi-use Building which is now in use.

This time our project was a small house for a mom and her teen-age daughter. She works on campus overseeing day-care for the children of the married students attending college.