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Global Warming... uh, Climate Change...

Doomsday Called Off? How trustworthy are the computer models?

There are times in the American culture when the average person gets rather overwhelmed by the shear volume of propaganda that we just want to scream, "Shut up and let me think about this!"

I have found a certain comfort in the fact that apparently I'm not alone in my suspicions that all too often, the so-called "experts" have their own agenda.

This has really come to a head for me on the issue of Global Warming or when, after a decade of no measurable warming they decide to call it "Climate Change." I have honestly been trying to follow both views by watching debates and speakers on both sides of the issue.   I have finally concluded that
   "Someone has to be lying!"
I have found that it's usually about gaining or losing POWER or MONEY or BOTH!

To discover who is lying, a good question to ask that helps us get to the truth is this... "Who gains and who loses?"

If Global Warming is true and we enact the measures the "experts" are telling us to, who gains and who loses? 

If Global Warming is not true and we don't enact the changes, who gains and who loses?

Who gains power and who loses power? Who gains financially and who loses financially?

It's time we got some honest answers!

Having traveled to a few truly impoverished areas in this world and interacted with those who were genuinely trying to help the people of such areas, I found myself better understanding the answer as to "why?" regarding folks from the political left.

The lady in this video speaks well of this particular part of the equation.

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Doomsday Called Off?

This series of videos clearly reveals an agenda by many in the Global Warming movement...

It certainly can't be that they actually believe the climate models they're using are accurate!!!

Whether they like it or not, there are many highly regarded, top scientists in the climatology fields who completely disagree!

Extraordinary measures are being taken to suppress the voices of these "Dissenters."

The new "rebels" are the ones saying that the current Global Warming scare is so wrong, it constitutes being a hoax with a specific agenda...

The Agenda is becoming clear... at least take a look at the evidence in this series of videos... then you decide if there could be a hoax with a clear agenda

             How about you?
   Let me know what you think.